Improv Show Highlights Love for Mindanao

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by Patricia Mabalos

Dulaang Atenista performed a special episode of their famous improvisational show, “No Prob, It’s Improv!” which was co-presented by I am Mindanao on November 18, 2016 at the XU Little Theatre. The show adopted the theme, “Love for Mindanao” in hopes of countering violent extremism through art and comedy.


Improvisational theater is a form of theater wherein the scenes are suggested by the audience. The actors do not have a script and have no rehearsals prior to the show. During the improv performance, Dulaang Atenista showcased various comical acts and games like Swish Gibberish, Tag, Puppeteer, Oracle, and Pick-up Lines. The show focused on love for Mindanao. The scenes started with wars and conflicts in the island until the audience suggested different, beautiful landmarks and anything that can be commonly seen in Mindanao.

With a talented and creative bunch of theater actors, Dulaang Atenista is all set to give entertainment and laughter to the audience in all of their shows. No Prob, It’s Improv! brings good vibes and unique performances. Catch their next show on December 3, 2016, 4 pm at the XU Little Theatre!


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