Speed Telecommunication Corp. – Web Properties

As we received an email from Google Domains that they are acquired by Squarespace Domains, we are planning to transfer out STC Domain Name to a new Domain Name registrar but upon checking STC’s current domain name with our new domain name registrar they are not supporting our domain name extension (.one). To resolve this … Read more

Subdomain ‘LINK’ under MERPGROUP

Starting June 1, 2023, all links to be shared on the social media and websites under MERPGROUP will be using the ‘link.mark.com.ph’ branded short link in this way we can monitor the links running and shared in all accounts. The following Social Media and Websites will be using the branded short link: www.mark.com.ph www.speedcorp.one www.thedigitalmaniac.com … Read more

Dolibarr quick fix on the product not showing in the list (v17.0.1)

Are your products not showing in Dolibarr’s Product list view? Here is the bug fix for the issue in the product list on version 17.0.1. Copy the raw content on this GitHub link – https://github.com/Dolibarr/dolibarr/blob/ec45cb23ac84d6dec18899be80afbbc5cdfbd1fe/htdocs/product/list.php Replace the full source code in the “dolibarr/htdocs/product/list.php” from GitHub then save Check your product list again if it resolves … Read more

Twingate (Zero Trust Network)

Twingate helps organizations secure and manage access to their resources in a world where people work from anywhere. We started building Twingate in 2019 to solve the challenges every company faces around securing remote access. Although almost every technology evolved over the preceding 15 years and moved to the cloud — and although the way … Read more

Mikrotik BTEST Server

Below is a Btest Server (Bandwidth Test Server) for Mikrotik IPv4: IPv6: 2605:6340:0:1b::4 btest username: MikrotikBtest btest password: MikrotikBtest Here is the list of limitations on the BTEST Server Quick notes – limit total testing time to less than 10 minutes. You must wait 27 hours until you can btest again. If you attempt … Read more