Protect Mikrotik Router from Hackers – Device Hardening Tips

Below is a list of security methods for securing your Mikrotik Router and ensuring optimal security.

  • Disabling the Default Admin account
  • Using Firewall Rules
  • Disable unsecured ports
    • Disable ports in IP > Services > Select the ports you are not using like 22, 80 and 21
  • Changing admin ports
    • Change the port you’re using in IP Services. For example, change your Winbox port from 8291 to 101 or anything that you want also you can add IP Address that can access your winbox.
  • Configure a VPN
  • Update Firmware
    • This is to update your firmware for any bugs and security patches to secure your router, use the Download & Install
  • Disable Bandwidth Server and port 2000
  • Disable ‘Allow remote access’ on your DNS (IP > DNS)

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